With the holidays just around the corner…

During today’s rehearsal, we decided finally to play and work on some original songs… WE KNOW… So many of you were asking this for a long time.

With the holidays just around the corner, so many people will be alone… it’s the perfect time to connect with people and spend time with people we care and love! It makes total sense that we have one of our new original song about that theme… “Solitary” was written many years ago and we tried it for the time today!!!

When we’re working on new songs (originals or covers), we often play the first take as an acoustic version to get the mood, melody and chords right… and then, with all the tracks… This is what we did today for the song (especially it’s was the first time Sylvain heard it too).

On today’s video, here’s our first take on “Solitary”.

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